Let the old dame retire in grace (TODAY, 23 July 2008)

Letter from Ng Woon Yang


I REFER to “When will it really be game over at the National Stadium” (July 22).


I attended the first “last game” (Asean Football Championships versus Thailand) and was surprised to find that another “last game” (versus Australia) cum-closing-ceremony was to be held after that.


That surprise turned to disgust after several more “last games” were subsequently staged at the old stadium.


Perhaps this was a good thing for those people who missed the first “last game”, but it was not so funny for those who had taken the trouble to catch the match.


Besides, for the game against the Brazil ­Olympic Team (an under-23 side) to be held there, the ­ticket prices are exorbitant, to say the least.


To pay $60 to watch a team that is certainly not going to be firing on all cylinders is ­madness.


The closure of Singapore’s most iconic sporting structure has been handled poorly and points to poor planning on the part of all organisations involved.


Let us allow this national sports icon to retire gracefully before more “mistakes” turn its last days into a farce.



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2 responses to “Let the old dame retire in grace (TODAY, 23 July 2008)

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  2. d poh

    i totally agree with your points.

    it’s sickening to have so many “last games” and it really shows that it’s poor foresight and management by the committee.

    they should have just blew up the stadium after the australia match.

    by the way, thanks for postings these letters here. it’s especially useful for those who can’t wake up earlier enough to get their copy of today.

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