The Singapore Sports Fan is a 30-something year old long-time observer and fan of the local sports scene. He grew up on the back pages of The Straits Times (back when the sports pages were at the back), The New Nation (now defunct) and the sports programme World of Sport (back when Mediacorp was still SBC). He shares because he cares.

This blog is an extension of my other blog ( singaporesportsfan.wordpress.com  ). This is basically a collection of all the newspaper reports that I make reference to in my blog entries.

I initially tried to cut and paste and contain all the newspaper reports on a page in my blog but that turned out to be too unwieldly. Hence the setting up of this blog, to make things easier for all of  you.

This is a work in progress so please bear with any glitches in the meantime.

Please share your comments too (if you have any). It is only through feedback that we can create a bigger pool of knowledge of our local sports scene. Feedback is also a source of learning for me, to see if my opinions and observations are right on the money or whether they are off-track. Ony this way will I improve and serve your needs better.

Do note however that comments will be moderated . Your comment will appear only after  I’ve screened and approved it.

Finally, if you hear of anything newsworthy, which you think would make a useful addition to this blog, pease feel free to email me at sporesportsfan at yahoo.com.sg


Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan


2 responses to “About

  1. Lau KK

    Hi Leonard,

    I pasted your link on this thread I started on Asiaone forum, hope you don’t mind. Thanks.


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